PTA Treasurer Info to Board Members

2020-2021 School Year 


As you know, we rely mostly on the Jog-a-Thon as our primary fundraiser, and we just don’t know for sure what that will look like this year. We did not want to count on money we might not actually be able to “earn”. Currently, with there being no visitors or volunteers in the building, and no gatherings, we are trying to find other ways we might be able to raise money.


That being said, we ask that you please be very mindful of your budget items this year. Sadly, due to the pandemic, the PTA had to make a very extremely difficult decision to cut the entire budget in half, meaning the majority of the account line items within the budget have been cut in half. Budgets for various committees starting out are not as much as what the PTA normally allocates.


The good news is, should we happen to go above our current expectations on any fundraisers we have this school year, our primary concern will be taking care of the students and teachers, and we will distribute money accordingly. Should an extremely urgent need arise, we will do everything we can to allocate funding where its needed to provide the most benefit to our Truman students.




  • We have a new PDF form that does not require printing, so everything can be submitted via email. (Note, photocopies of receipts, order forms, invoices, etc. are acceptable!)
  • New forms to be completed online and emailed are found here:
  • Please follow this link for specific instructions as well as an example of how to fill out the form!
  • Please return completed form (including all your contact info), with copies of receipts, order forms and/or invoices to me via email:
  • The process for reimbursement is somewhat time-consuming as we must have two signatures, and all reimbursement forms must also be approved and signed. Typically, turnaround time is about a week. Due to the current situation things may move a bit slower due to scheduling time with check signers/approvers. If it is of an urgent nature and you need your reimbursement right away – please contact me or members of the PTA Executive Committee before the purchase so we can make suitable arrangements.


Other items: 

  • Proposed 2020-2021 PTA Budget (click to open)
  • How Proposed Funds are Allocated (click to open)
  • Please send all PTA financial related questions to me via email at Note that it may take up to 24 hours for me to return an email. I am new to the PTA treasurer’s position and also have a full-time job as well as normal parent duties. I will do everything I can to return your call, text or email as quickly as possible, but sometimes life does interrupt the best of intentions. 😊
  • Unfortunately, I cannot process any reimbursements which are dated prior to July 1, 2020.
  • I will not have the checkbook, blank checks, forms or other items related to the budget or treasurer ‘stuff’ in general with me while at work unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • I would be extremely appreciative of your patience and understanding as we go through this school year! 😊

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